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Tracing Spring asynchronous code with New Relic – a better way


In my earlier post about tracing Spring asynchronous code with New Relic I showed a simple solution using a subclass of ApplicationEvent to carry a New Relic token. It has some disadvantages:

  1. Code that uses it must explicitly declare New Relic tracing using the @Trace annotation, must create subclasses of TracedEvent and must call the TracedEvent#linkToken method on the event object.

  2. Each token can only be expired once, even if an event is listened to by multiple listeners.

A better way

This method uses an implementation of java.util.concurrent.Executor that wraps a delegate instance.

  1. The NewRelicTraceExecutor#execute method is called in the parent thread. It constructs a TracedRunnable that wraps the Runnable instance it is given.

  2. The TracedRunnable#run method is called in the child thread. It calls Token#linkAndExpire method before calling run on its delegate Runnable.

All the New Relic-specific code is in this one class, which can be wired into a Spring Boot application to be used with ApplicationEventMulticaster. Each event listener has its own Runnable instance with its own New Relic token.

package com.example.tracing;

import com.newrelic.api.agent.NewRelic;
import com.newrelic.api.agent.Token;
import com.newrelic.api.agent.Trace;

import java.util.concurrent.Executor;

public class NewRelicTraceExecutor implements Executor {

    private final Executor delegate;

    public NewRelicTraceExecutor(Executor delegate) {
        this.delegate = delegate;

    public void execute(Runnable command) {
        Token token = NewRelic.getAgent().getTransaction().getToken();
        delegate.execute(new TracedRunnable(command, token));

    static class TracedRunnable implements Runnable {

        private final Runnable delegate;
        private final Token token;

        TracedRunnable(Runnable delegate, Token token) {
            this.delegate = delegate;
            this.token = token;

        @Trace(async = true)
        public void run() {

As before, there is a dependency on the New Relic API. In Gradle:

    implementation ''